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The hardest part of my journey was finding myself in a relationship where my partner became resentful of my passion and devotion to the work. The first thing that needs to be understood and put in place is boundaries. Just like any relationship, knowing what your needs are from the start can help build a strong understanding between you.

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Their minds are constantly running wild. Dates need never be boring again. They know better than to dwell on problems, and even when they do, they create something out of it. They will share them with you in as much detail as they can, and make you feel as if you were actually there. Artists put their heart and soul into their work, which means they can do the same with a relationship.

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1: boundaries for creative relationships

We hold grudges. We search for potential in every date we go on. We have a weirdly high pain tolerance.

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These words are for us all. Our first instinct is to take the scorn as the truth, even if later reconciliation reveals otherwise.

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You can expect that almost harrowing robotic response from your painter partner in a similar situation. We love to care for our partners.

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While we may be holed up in the studio from time to time, running late for dinner dates will never go unexplained. We see things a little differently than the average person. Beyond Worthyby Jacqueline Whitney.

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We notice the details. More From Thought Catalog. Who knew something so small could heat up so fast, huh? We have a weird sense of humor.

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We set high standards for ourselves. I have my fair share of burns from trying and failing to use a metal contraption to complete a wood burned painting. Because our work requires us to plan and conceptualize our pieces in advance, we try to do the same with our communication.

The fantastically tragic world of dating an artist

Unsplash, Maxime Bhm 1. You're in!

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Get our newsletter every Friday! Expect a weirdly precise timing text explaining that varnish coat one will finish drying in 30 minutes and applying the second coat will take 2. We like pretty things, what can I say?

Coming down from the high is the hardest part.

See you Friday. You may unsubscribe at any time. We want someone who understands the heart of us. Follow Thought Catalog.

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We love and value our alone time almost as much as we value time spent with others. Or if we empty our bellies laughing over a simple story.

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Picking up the check seems to help, too. We want to connect.

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If we have a partner who hurts us in a fit of anger, it can be hard to let go. Something that may be inificant to you is what draws us in and makes us look closer to find its beauty.