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Winter is a magical time. From the seasons changing, to the beautiful autumn leaves, the holiday cheer, and the cold. If you or your partner are in search of cheap winter dates, then look no further. Hope you find the information here useful! And now for the main event, 55 cheap winter date ideas for you and your beau to try out this winter:. I love it when it gets cold enough to go to an outdoor ice rink.

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17 fun winter date ideas to try when the cold weather strikes

Head over to Pinterest for ideas on how to play. By the time our he hit the pillow at night, we are out in a flash. Are there any ice sculptures, frozen waterfall, frozen cave, or other crazy events put on in your state? Gather up the needed supplies and decorate your own gingerbread houses. Go get out of your comfort zone. I live in the frozen tundra of Minnesota.

I love it when the moon shines on the snow, making your whole backyard just light up! They usually have everything from Christmas lights, ice sculptures, drinks, ice skating, shoes, and so much more! Then plan your meal, dessert, or even a game based on a theme. Go outside and make snow angels! Check out our go-to recipe here.

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If you want to try it out for a month for FREE check it out here. Meet in the living room for your own indoor picnic and surprise each other with what you brought.

Covid-friendly winter date ideas that’ll warm your heart & body

That will contain your Free Budget Binder!! Go pick up your favorite massaging lotion and enjoy a night to yourselves.

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Grab your partner and have a mini date in the kitchen. Dress up for a night out and catch an awesome play based on your favorite Christmas story. For us, just thinking about our next vacation gives me goosebumps. Make sure to check Groupon for deals. We racked our brains to give you some of the best winter date ideas we could think of! Despite the temperature, we have to remember to get off the couch and make time for our relationship! Better yet have a contest who can make the biggest snowman, because we all like a little competition.

If you want a nice meal and a live performance, give a dinner theater a try. Go get some steps in together. The more you drink, the better it gets! Shortly you will be receiving an from us. Something about Christmas just makes everyone all googly-eyed. Feel free to scroll to the section you want to about! Falling backward into the snow never gets old. Get ready to embrace the cold with these cheap winter date ideas!

Learning new things together is exciting! This Free Budget Binder has everything you need to starting saving more money and pay off your debt! You're so close to getting your Free Budget Binder printables. Are you ready to start paying off debt faster than ever?? While most of us are getting ready to hunker down for the cold season, we have to remember to take care of ourselves and our relationships!

And by interesting, I mean FUN! Stop stressing about money and take control of your finances today! Make sure you check your spam box just in case it ends up there and then add us to your known contacts! After all, when was the last time you built a snowman? Something about walking the snow-lined streets is magical.

Better yet, plan ahead of time and grab an assortment date ideas in the winter goodies to make your own hot chocolate.

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Well, take time and knock an item off your bucket list. Adventure is fun! Nobody likes going on the same date over and over again. These events usually last for 2 hours, but the memories last forever! Most cities have a list of the BEST Christmas lights in town, so make sure to check before hitting the road.

So what better way to spend a night than cuddled up on the couch together watching your favorite tv show. Waterfalls freeze over in this state. Go grab some wristbands at your nearest arcade and get ready for a little competition. You can make quite a few things with your fondue pot, but my favorite is chocolate-covered fruit.

Plan out the best route for viewing Christmas lights. Hello, bonding time! Best of all, these ideas are relatively inexpensive, just the way we all like it!!

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Fulfilling these items together is extremely exciting! They have all the great TV shows which air a day after they air on real-time TV. You can also cancel at any time, with no contract! If so, check it out!! All the Christmas decorations and the holiday music just puts you in a good mood. Go do that again! Our favorite way to do this is using HULU.

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We recently went to an arcade, and it was a blast and slightly addicting!! We're excited to have you in our Living Low Key community and can't wait to help you reach your goals! Check out Groupon to see if they offer a discount in your area! Whether it be building a piece of furniture or organizing a room in your house, find a project, and make it something you do together. Fires during the winter are so fun.

If you want to keep things easy around the holidays, Target has the cutest gingerbread house kits. Make sure to snag one! If so, order in and try something new! Depending on where you live, winter might not be so enjoyable! Bundle up and head outside with your favorite holiday drink and keep each other warm by the fire.

Freezing cold temperatures send us inside to hibernate for months. Surprisingly our list of winter date ideas is rather long, so we broke it up into !

Take a weekend trip to go skiing in the mountains

Men vs. Head over to Groupon to see if you can find an awesome discount for this type of date idea. If not, be adventurous and give snowboarding or skiing a try! It takes a little work, but its fun! Bundle up and go! Share a drink and paint a picture at a local bar. Making time to do the things you used to do before kids or before your busy career took off is important! If you or your partner has a fear of heights, this makes a date even more interesting!

It definitely makes for an awesome night. There is something about reliving the outdoor events you did as kids together. Are you tired of struggling with your finances? More than likely, you have something similar to this in your area. Grab Jenga and turn it into a little drinking game. Find a snowshoeing guide and some unseen terrain.