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So you're thinking about dating someone who is already part of an existing couple. Or, maybe you're considering dating both members of an existing couple. Being involved romantically with someone does not make the pain of losing a relationship any less. Likewise, if you are interested in both members of an existing couple, say so. By defining the parameters up front about who you expect to be intimate with, you can avoid a lot of grief down the road.

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Your partner doesn't always have to think like you Behavioral scientist-turned dating coach Logan Ury explains what matters more and less than you think in long-term relationships.

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Dating coach Cora Boyd helps us navigate the perils of modern dating in a meaningful way. The more you enjoy yourself, the more enjoyable you are to be around.

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What role did the Four Horsemen, relationship phases, flooding, and perpetual problems play in your past relationships? Prince EA, a filmmaker, activist, and public speaker, created a beautiful video based on some of our core principles.

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Whether you're social distancing or quarantined together, during stressful and uncertain times, it's more important than ever to prioritize rituals of connection with your partner. Don't get so focused on the wedding that you forget to plan for the marriage. Older posts. Search for:.

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