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Communication is the most important aspect of any healthy relationship. Yet, oftentimes, you may find yourself lacking a comprehensive connection in the early stages with a new partner. Are you tossing and turning at night over the mixed als your S.

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What does he mean? You want to know if he likes you. Instead, his behavior only makes it more unclear what his feelings are.

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Preening is actually the term used to describe birds when they straighten themselves up, puff out their chests, and clean their feathers to attract potential mates. Lip-biting is yet another mixed al commonly misconstrued by men. The reason why?

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Is she into me or am I misreading the s? Getty Images.

Mixed als in a new relationship? here's how to deal according to a dating expert

Women will reapply makeup, adjust their bra, and touch up their hair. This is simple to do in a workplace setting, which is where many women run into the problem of their friendliness or professionalism being read incorrectly as a of flirtation. This article originally appeared on Men's Health.

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Get more from Men's Health. At the end of the day, the key to interpreting mixed als and common behaviours is to not look at each action in isolation. We only preen if we want to impress someone.

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Magazine Subscription Offer Subscribe Now. But as the conversation progresses and that person becomes more interested in you, you literally see the the wrist rotate revealing the interior side.

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At first, maybe, her hand is holding a cigarette or even holding a glass, and you're seeing just the back of the hand. While smiling, touching, and lip-biting might not be as telling as you thought, Navarro says there are still some common behaviours that are heavy indicators that she is indeed interested in you. Humans do this too.

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The key, Navarro makes clear, is to see how the interact with others. Subscribe Now.