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Dating with ms, Filipina woman seeking dating with ms for chatting

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By Ann Marie J. Peer Counselor. If only finding "the one" was as easy as meeting someone and falling in love. However, to get from point A to B, you have to go through this thing called dating.

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She has only had one attack, and this was when she was diagnosed a couple of years ago, although she had symptoms for years before that can now be explained by the MS. Currently she lives a normal life, still holds down a job, and her main symptoms are fatigue, pain, numbness and tingling. I expect your choices will seem clearer at that point. If you like one another then I'd go for it and worry about other things when they come. That's life.

Dating can be difficult for anyone—but ms doesn’t have to limit your options.

I work a high power corporate job with a woman who has MS. She was diagnosed at 25, is 32 now and just ran her first marathon. Don't you deserve care, compassion, support you seem aware that you yourself will bring issues into a life partnership because of your own human condition. Welcome to the real world.

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But the immunity is an illusion. Alternatively it might be viewed with a real sense of pride and importance to make life better for a person you care about. It's up to you. I am currently haunted by visions, in which 10 years down the line I am married and carting my wife around in a wheelchair. Often to the benefit of all parties.

He died of unrelated causes before he was It hurt like hell, but I wouldn't undo the years before even if it saved me from that pain. This can happen to anyone. But it happened to us. None of us gets out alive. It comes to us all. In the mean time, we do our best to enjoy our lives the best we can, and if we're good people, we help others do the same.

Can i really date with this disease?

Be honest with yourself, then be honest with her, and do your best to be kind to both of you. One week she was a completely normal, typically developing.

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I have a friend who's child is similarly disabled as my youngest, profoundly autistic child is, with less cognitive impairment but much worse physical impairment, because they choked on food and suffered a catastrophic hypoxic brain injury. But keep in mind that over time, we all gain our own health problems and disabilities. You're not at that point yet i. I understand your qualms, but I assure you, she is experiencing the same in her side threefold, including a hefty dose of "do I even deserve love with my disease".

I sometimes get that vision of pushing the wheelchair, but that's easily pushed aside because I love her, regardless. You could marry a perfectly healthy person who is then diagnosed with a serious illness or disabled by an accident. It's responsible of you to wonder if you have what it takes to be a good long-term partner, but the future is unpredictable - what you fear now may not come to pass, and your life can take paths you can't imagine now.

Caring is hard. None of us have a guarantee of a long life of good health. When the two of you are "serious," you should have a conversation about the long-term dating with ms about her MS. Good luck.

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Why not enjoy this time with someone you obviously like and who likes you back and see where the road takes you? Until it does happen we tend to feel immune. The other without a miracle will not.

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Imagine you settle down with some other person who is diagnosed with a terminal cancer after three months together that happened to someone I know and he was already in deep enough that he remained for three more gruelling years and cared for her until the end if her life.

I'm very much on the side of taking what joy life offers you now and dealing with the future as it comes.

Continue learning about living with multiple sclerosis

It can happen to anyone, at any time. Anyone could develop a dating with ms disease or get hit by a bus 5 years from now. The people around you who are telling you to cut and run are people who are still viewing love with an immature, self-centered point of view. The problem is most of us going around thinking things like ill health, disability, etc won't ever happen to us.

I was in a serious, but not marriage oriented, relationship with someone who had MS for several years. You yourself have your own health limitation, and though you seem to keep it hidden why does nobody know? One may, with support, live a full and independent life.

I'm all for being honest with yourself, but you will also never know what you're going to get with someone else as well, including yourself. It's not what I ed up for, expected, prepared for. It's part of the living thing. Is this really a good idea? In fact, 'fault' and 'fairness' are useless concepts here; in my view, the main question is: would this relationship this term used in a broad sense here lead to more happiness overall, or more pain and sadness? Things may or may not move forward for reasons I don't want to go into here, primarily because I don't want to cloud the central question, but we were friends ly, she has had feelings for me for quite some time before anything happened, and I am aware enough of my own feelings to know that if this does go any further, it's unlikely to be just a flash in the pan.

You enter into a lifelong dating with ms with someone and either one of you could get hit by a car, be diagnosed with cancer, suffer a stroke, etc. Don't worry about the long term stuff until you're further in and need to make decisions about it.

I have three children. The next she was severely and permanently disabled the week between she was on full life support possibly about to die. I have been single for just over a year and have recently fallen for someone with MS. Tensions have been mounting for some time, we recently slept together, and it is safe to say that a line has now been crossed. But nothing in life is certain. So you now feel like you're giving up that immunity if you get involved with someone with a known illness. That's what I believe and what I promised when we were married.

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Personal stories are of course, very welcome! Love demands a degree of selflessness. That's what it is.

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I am primarily interested in hearing from people who have MS, have a loved one who has MS, or have been in a similar situation to the above. She was diagnosed after we were married.

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Don't let fear of the future ruin today's joy. Most of the people I have spoken to in the real world tend to say that I should cut my losses and run while I still can, but this seems incredibly harsh to me, as most of them know very little about MS, and it's not her fault that she has this disease So hive-mind, what do you think I should do?

I'm afraid you're going to get eviscerated here and elsewhere, if you chose to share these feelings for being "shallow. This "choice" is a false one. By contrast, everything I read about MS suggests that sooner or later everyone gets worse, it's just a question of time.

1. don’t tell them on the first date

Are you big enough to do that? Two of them have disabilities autism.

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Or a perfectly healthy person and then suffer a horrible messy painful divorce. This is an opportunity for you to grow up and realize not everything in life is about you.

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I've done a fair bit of reading on the internet about MS since all this started, and the more I read, the more terrified I become. Imagine you don't get involved and she is healthy for ten more years - it can happen! And that's mostly impossible to predict, but something worth thinking about. If you look ahead to the prospect of pushing your lover around in her wheelchair as though it's a horrible imposition on you, then you're that immature as well.

It's not something others can probably help you with. I understand your misgivings. So, assuming it does, is this really a good idea? Should I date someone with MS multiple sclerosis? Nobody sits about rubbing their belly and considering how disabled their kid will be.

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FWIW, she's 28 and I am a 30 year old male. If it doesn't work out, let that be due to the relationship and not her disease. Life is inherently risky. Any person you meet and fall in love with is vulnerable. Date her now.