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Young people also cite cultural and religious norms and attitudes censuring premarital sexual activity as reasons for not seeking services. Media exposure is consistently higher for young women in urban environments than among those in rural areas. However, many young women resort to illegal abortion services, which often put their health at risk.

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I'm here waiting for a really good friend and a girlfriend that knows what I'm writeing about when I say three days grace, sick puppies, and disturbed.

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She has helped me a lot, so now I feel like I have to give her something. I refused.

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The DJ switched to salsa, and the man pulled her in. We have sex.

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But the female tourists looking for romance are still coming. Moussa meets tourists primarily through referrals and friends of friends. One of the women reached out and patted his butt before shaking her head no, like it was a piece of fruit in the market. Senegalese tourism has grown from modest s in the s when the first Club Med opened on the coast.

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There are no figures about how many indulge in sex tourism, but there are enough to support nightclubs like Les Etages. They were staying in the same hotel. It was my friends who explained to me that she was interested. You say to yourself, well, I could do that too.

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But, others in Senegal say it is not that innocent. The woman who will get me a visa and a plane ticket out of here. What are you doing with this old woman? I began to question my morality.

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More thantourists came to Senegal last year, according to government statistics. Global Post.

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Going undercover, female reporters recorded via hidden camera the young men propositioning them on the beach. The only thing separating them now was about 25 years. They were swaying in unison, pelvises pressed together.

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The woman says she has found him an internship in Holland and offered to buy him a plane ticket. She offers me money. Hotel managers complain of the downturn in business. It was a Saturday around 1 a. Years ago at a club in the Gambia, Pape saw a young man gyrating sexily in front of three old white women.

Senegal draws tourists with sun, sea and sex

When she left, Pape said he felt only relief. She was there on vacation.

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A tall, dapper Senegalese man in a blue dress shirt and pressed jeans approached and they began to dance, palms pressed together between them. It was weird. April 30, They say some tourists now prefer to rent vacation homes where they can go about their business in private.

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Leave me alone. Emphasizing the importance of tourism in Senegal, President Abdoulaye Wade set a goal of attracting 1.

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She says she loves me. Middle-aged and elderly female tourists are a quick payday for young men — often called gigolos or antiquaires, originally souvenir vendors — who work out shirtless on the beaches and preen in the nightclubs. Before they leave, they give me a bit cash to help me out.

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I would never have started this. Hotel manager Cheikh Ba said arriving guests ask him where Les Etages is before asking about the beach or even getting their room keys. A petite woman, her dry chin-length bob bleached almost the same color as her tan tube top, inched out on the dance floor with a stiff side-step.

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Over the course of two songs, his hands drifted from her shoulder blades to the small of her back. Life is hard. She could be your mom. They pay for everything. Similar couples moved on the packed dance floor.

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Half his paycheck goes to rent and he stretches the other half to cover his living expenses and to send funds to his elderly mother in Ivory Coast. She complained.

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Though hesitant, Pape agreed to meet her the next weekend in Zigunchor, a coastal city in Casamance. During her most recent visit last month, they traveled along the coast, passing through Saly. However, those working in the tourism industry say that figure is still far-off and blame the world economic crisis and rising airfare costs for a recent downturn in visitors.