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Let us thence conclude that absolute putrefaction is a thing with which we are entirely unacquainted. On these occasions, when an enterprise is not.

A proper spot being found on the declivity of some hill contiguous to the parah, the men cut down the jungle upon it in the month of March, and allow it to remain there Until sufficiently decayed to bum freely ; when they set it on fire, and thus at once perform the double purpose of clearing away the rubbish, and of manuring the ground with its ashes. A change respecting which we haye yery few correct ideas 0 23 On the Fecula of Green Plants.

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Fornication is punished in no other manner than by obliging the parties to marry, unless the man may have used violence; in which case he is punished, generally with death, either by the chief or by the relations of the injured female. It may be objected that this explanation is better suited to the case of a shower than to that of continued rain, for which it does not seem sufficient. By combining the first syllable of soomka with every m« termediateas soomkatkasoomneka. The Kookies choose the steepest and most inaccessible hills to build their villages upon, which, from being thus situated, are called pdrahsor, in the Kookie language, k'liooahEvery parah consists of a tribe, and has seldom fewer H of the Kookles or Lunctas.

The hunter, however, in his excursions through the forests, boils his? From the ashes of a different species of the same plant he extracts a substitute for salt to eat with his victuals ; and with equal simplicity and readiness be kindles his fire by the friction of one piece of dried bamboo upon another.

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There are two kinds of this liquor; the one pure and limpid, and the other of a red colour, from an infusion of the leaf of a particular tree called ba. The Kookies having no coins among them. The Kookies are a great terror to the Bengalees settled on the borders of the jungles in the Runganeeah and Aurungabad districts; and a particular annoyance to the wood-cutters, whose business le them far into the forests, and whom they have frequently surprised and cut off.

The Kookies never go to a greater distance from their old ground than a journey of twelve hours, unless compelled to proceed further from some particular cause, such as the fear of an enemy, or the want of a proper spot to fix upon.

Marriage is never consummated among them before the age of puberty. Should more find sex local ladies rezaka one casualty occur in a family5 the same ceremony is observed with respect to each corpse; and at whatever time of the year persons may happen to die in the parah, all the bodies must be kept in this manner until the 11th of April, called by the Bengalees Beessoo. To give further security to the parahs, in addition to their naturally strong situation the Kookies surround them with a thick bamboo pallisade; and the passages leading into them, of which there are cairn monly four or five in different quarters, they strictly guard day and night, especially if there is any suspicion of dam ger; but, whether there is or is not, they are at all times extremely jealous of admitting strangers within the parah ; they build their houses as close to each other as possible, and make them spacious enough to accommodate four or five families in every house.

The most powerful predisposing cause of evaporation appears to be a superior current in the atmosphere coming from a region where the low temperature of the surface, or its dry state, occasions a comparative deficiency of vapour. Albumen at that temperature does not experience the slightest change, 2 d. Bv comparing the different effects of a clear frosty air, and of a misty though much warmer one, on the perspiration and breath of horses warmed by labour, we may be assisted in reasoning on the great case of evaporation, which, in some sense, is the perspiration of the earth.

They employ much of their time in the chace, and, having no prejudice of cast, or sect, to restrain them in the choice of their game, no animal comes amiss to them. An elephant is an immense prize for a whole parah. Volume 17, If any further testimony of the respectable light in which this journal is held were wanting, it might be added, that it has been honoured with communications from some of the most celebrated philosophers and literary men of the united kingdom, to whom the Proprietor considers himself under great obligations, and whose future favours he earnestly solicits.

And im every house thpre is a' particular post consecrated to the deity, before whieffi fhey always place a certain portion of whatever food they afe about to eat. Of the gourd and cucumber plants they have several kinds ; and turmeric, yams, and tobacco, they cultivate; but the latter they have in small quantity, though very find sex local ladies rezaka of it.

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Audio Software icon An illustration of a 3. Indeed, the lower atmosphere is usually pretty much charged with dew or haze at the time of its- appearance, and therefore in a state to conduct it to the earth. They do not remove their parahs so frequently as the Choomeeas do their choojns : the Choomeeas seldom remain longer than two years on the same spot, whereas the Kookies are usually four or five; and when they migrate they hum their parah, lest the gyals should return to it, as they are frequently known to do if the huts are left standing. That when numerous oblique short tufts appear they are conducting between the air above and that below them.

The apopka chief ( may 23, )

We are not, however, warranted from this to conclude the cumulus which brings on rain always negative, as the same effect might ensue from a positive cumulus uniting with a negative stratus. On hearing this, the father of the girl either goes himself, or sends some confidential friend, to ascertain the facts; which if he finds to be as stated, he consents to the marriage, and it is celebrated by a feast given by him to the bridegroom and all their mutual friends.

Lastly, that cirri in parallel lines stretching from horizon to horizon denote a communication of electricity carried j On through these clouds over the place of observation; the two predisposing masses of atmosphere being very distant, and the intermediate lower atmosphere not in a stateto conduct it.

up Log in. The cirro-stratus appears to be always in a subsiding state, slowly diminishing by evaporation or dispersion, and at the same time more feebly acted upon by electricity than the preceding modifications.

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That the latter phenomenon is an electrical effect, no one who has had opportunity to see its rapid progress during the approach of a thunder storm can reasonably doubt. This may be attributed to the quantity of electricity passing into or from the cloud at that time. User icon An illustration of a person's head and chest.

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Books Video icon An illustration of two cells of a film strip. The Kookies arc all hunters and warriors, and are divided into a of distinct tribes totally independent of each " r Choomceas are the inhabitants of the first range of hills bordering on the plains to the north and east of the province. A 3 Vol. If a lock of hair be properly fixed on the prime conductor and electrified pin's, the hairs will be separately extended at as great a distance from each other as possible ; in which state they will continue some time.

By Pro - fessor Proust, [Concluded from our last volume, p. Full text of " The philosophical magazine. Place over a furnace two matrasses, one with juice diluted in twenty parts of water, and the other with albu- men.

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Other, though all of them acknowledge, more or less, the authority of three different rajahs, named Thandon, Man- kene, and Halcha, to whom the various tribes are attached, but whose power over them is very limited, except in that tribe with which the rajah lives, where he is absolute. Of the Nature of the intermediate Modifications. The following is a specimen of the Kookie language.

The he of the slain they carry in great triumph to their parah, where the warriors are met, on their arrival, by men, women, and children, with much rejoicing; and they have the peculiar privilege of killing any animal in the place they may choose not excepting the chief'sto be given as a feast in celebration of their victory : but, should the party have been unsuccessful, instead of being thus met with every demonstration of joy, and led into the parah amidst the exultations of its friends, it enters in the greatest silence, and as privately as possible; and all the warriors composing it remain in disgrace until such time as they retrieve their characters, either tly or individually, by isome act of valour.

While it remains there, it is carefully guarded day and night from the depredations of dogs and birds by some one of the family, and a regular supply of food and drink is daily brought and laid before it. When find sex local ladies rezaka, curd, flesh, or organized matters in general have passed a certain period of that change which we are accustomed to call putrefaction, they suddenly stop at a permanent state, where unknown combinations seem to wait tor them, as if to salt and embalm them, as if to ensure their duration in this new state, and to secure them from further destruction.

Rung aka.

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In January and February they usually marry, because they have provisions in the greatest plenty, and it is their most idle time. Harrington, Esq. The mother of the youngest having died during his infancy, he was neglected by his step-mother, who, while she clothed her own. See what's new with book lending at the Internet Archive.

In the other animals there is nothing peculiar. Now, find sex local ladies rezaka is a well-known fact, that evaporation from the surface of the earth and waters often returns and continues during rain, and consequently affords the lower clouds, while the upper are recruited from the quantity of vapour brought by the superior current, and continually subsiding in the form of dew ; as is evident both from the turbidness of the atmosphere in rainy seasons, and the plentiful deposition of dew in the nocturnal intervals of rain.

In general, nevertheless, its appearance is sufficiently distinct from that of the cirrus and cirro-cumulus. Video Audio icon An illustration of an audio speaker. The white of an egg beat up in a pound of water, and filtered, will furnish the liquor of comparison we require. At these, and all their festivals, there is much drinking of a liquor made of the rice called deengkrooof which the Kookies are very fond. The frailty of a concubine is always compromised in this way, without disgrace to the parties.

If they are successful in their onset, they seldom spare either age or sex : at times, however, they make captives of the children, and often adopt them into their families, when they have none of their own ; and the only slaves among them are the captives thus taken. And should the tribe fail to destroy the tiger in this first general pursuit of him, the family of the deceased must still continue the chaee; for, until they have killed either this or some other tiger, and have given a feast of his flesh, they are in disgrace in the parah, and not associated with by the rest of the inhabitants.

Search icon An illustration of a magnifying glass.

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In their forests they have abundance of honey, but are ignorant of the method of separating it from the wax of the comb. Upon the death of their father, a quarrel arose between the brothers, which induced the Luneta to betake himself to the hills, and there pass the remainder of his days.

The Supreme Being they conceive to be omnipotent,- and the Creator of the world and all that it contains. The author thinks he cannot more properly terminate thifr essay than in publicly acknowledging the obligation he lies under to his friend Silvanus Bevan jun. In the parahs they cook their victuals in earthen pots of their own manufacture resembling those of the Bengalees, but much stronger and thicker in substance. These might have been extended further, hut that the author was unwilling to go beyond the line which the experiments of several eminent philosophers, and a few of his own, seemed to point out as safe in the present state of the subject.

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They cultivate the ground as the Choomeeas do; and in this, as in every other domestic occupation, the female sex bears the weight of the Kookies or Lunctas. They have another small grain called cutchooand a variety of beans, as the harassburguddee, and tooraee: the seed of the mustard plant they eat, but express no oil from it.

The juice a moment after becomes turbid, by caseous flakes B 4which 24 On the Fecula of Green Plants. Images Donate icon An illustration of a heart shape Donate Ellipses icon An illustration of text ellipses. The rajahs receive a tribute in kind from the tribes to support their dignity; and, in cases of general danger, they can summon all the warriors to arms ; but each tribe is under the immediate command of its own particular chief, whose word is a law in peace and war, and who has the power of life and death in his tribe.

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Moreover, if we could insulate such a charged lock in the midst of a perfectly tranquil atmosphere of sufficient extent, in which particles of conducting matter were suspended, the latter would be attracted bv it so long as the charge continued; after which they would be at large as before. This excess of vapour, coming with a superior current, may be placed next to depression of temperature among the causes of rain.

Their domestic animals are gyals, goats, hogs, dogs, and fowls : and of these the gyal is by much the most valued, both on of its milk and its flesh.

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A putrefaction of this kind, strictly speaking, no where takes place. The preceding rule of striking off the final ka is pbserved with saungka ; and thus they go on to hundreds of thousands, b e yond which their ideas of s do not extend, as far as could be understood, from their having no terms to express them. The other sorts are called behdeengkrooroomkeesepooeebang- sooand boulteh ; but it is not exactly ascertained, whether or not these are different species of grain, or the same kind receiving different names from the season of reaping it.

But what then is putrefaction? Towards our frontiers, how- ever, where there is little apprehension of danger, a tribe frequently separates into several small parties, which form so many different parahs on the ading hills as may best suit their convenience. Software Images icon An illustration of two photographs. A more striking instance still of this revengeful spirit of retaliation is, that if a man should happen to be killed by an accidental fall from a tree, all his relations assemble and cut it dowm; and however large it may be, they reduce it to chips, which they scatter in the wands, for having, as they say, been the cause of the death of their brother.

When a chief marries, the whole parah is entertained by him; and should his bride be from another parah, as often happens, the two parahs feast and carouse with each other alternately. Web icon An illustration of a computer application window Wayback Machine Texts icon An illustration of an open book. And the- parah itself, in a fatally unguarded hour, is often destroyed also; when the helpless survivors, if any, of such a calamity are thrown upon the humanity of their neighbouring friends.

Their great object in selecting a place to settle on, is natural strength of situation, with a sufficiency of good ground near the parah on which to rear the different grains, roots, and vegetables they wish to cultivate. This must tend to encourage the practice of thieving; which, no doubt, is considered in such high estimation, because the same sagacity and address necessary to give success to the thief qualifies the warrior, in an eminent de- grey, 10 steal unperceived upon and surprise his enemy, and thus 16 of the Kookies or Lunctas, thus ensures him victory.

It is not so easy to give a reason why these small orbicular masses should remain in close arrangement, or even in contact, for several hours, forming a system of small clouds which find sex local ladies rezaka do not interfere with each other or run together into one, but remain as it were in readiness to reform the cirrus, which sometimes happens very suddenly, though they more frequently evaporate by degrees.

His descendants have continued there ever, find sex local ladies rezaka, and still go by the name of Lunctas; though, properly speaking, the term is only applicable to the male part of them, as the females wear a short apron before, made of cloth of their own manufacture, and which falls down from the loins to the middle of the thigh; and both sexes occasionally throw a loose sheet of cloth over their bodies to defend them from the cold. Whenever tin unfortunate event of this nature has occurred, it has.

The goats are larger and more hairy than those of the plains.