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Time surely to sell off Radio One to the private sector if this is all it's "good" for now. Those aren't even the real voices. And this is supposed to be a public broadcasting service funded by my taxes?

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No-one is asking you to listen to radio 1, so why not tune in to the dribble on radio 2. No, this is the most horrible thing on Radio 1 and Scott Mills is a shit.

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There are plenty of alternative radio stations for the listeners with no sense of humour. I'm not sure what Radcliffe's gameplan is at the moment: perhaps he's angling after some of Peel's Radio 4 work. There are probably several million people I'd rather listen to first thing in the morning than him, if I'm honest.

What other radio programme can you listen to when you are half asleep but still be able to actually laugh aloud to? Apart from that, dud. I really like you". It appeals to the same minds who find Chris Moyles entertaining and not at all cunt-like. Yeah, sure anyone who has The Fall Oink!

Ras Kwame? I hear this phrase mentioned on radio 1 sometimes. It is on the evening drivetime show - they give out a telephoneand if a person finds themselves out on a weekend, in an, er, potentially romantic situation with someone they perhaps are not that keen on really, they're supposed to give them the "flirt divert" instead of their own. Although I prefer the term retarded for these specimins myself.

Which make me v. His current peel-a-like act is dissapointing. The aerial on our car is knacked so I haven't heard Radio 1 in months. flirt and divert

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Presumably for hem hem 'legal reasons'. We shouldn't be dissing it, we should be praising it. I despair. I can't imagine it appearing quite so "funny" being so juvenile. Am I being a emo whiner, or is this whole thing just incredibly cuntlike? I suppose because he was the sidekick when Radcliffe had his R1 show?

Hey why not give flirt and divert the flirt divert !!! Private Eye recently pointed out a day where Radio One's Newsbeat lead on a report saying how countless teenagers were being driven to self-harm and suicide after being bullied with mobile phones — text abuse, silent calls 'happy slapping' etc — and then went straight back to Scot Mills encouraging listeners to humiliate their less popular peers on national radio via their mobile. Listened to Radcliffe's show on R2 a coupla times.

You must be logged in to post. I really like you" and acting like she was all creepy.

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Surely nothing else is on at these early hours we are forced to rise up at. He's capable of far, far better. Then they played this message from this young-sounding woman who sounded quite upset, by the tone of her voice.

If any member of your household is currently self isolating as a result of exposure to covid19, stay at home and advise the school immediately.

Man that's depressing. What's surprising about Marc Riley being better than Mark Radcliffe?

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Driving home last night, I heard the actualy feature it refers to. It's Radio 6 Music in the daytime for me now. Meanwhile, the real singer was on line three. If you realy don't like this radio station soo much Why don't you simply tune in and listen to your preferred station??? Radio 1 DJ's probably the one argument in support of why ageism is a bad thing. What else would you want to wake up to in the morning other than good old Chris?

And one obvious-but-true fact: until his death their best DJ was also by far the oldest. Hey man cool britannia.

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I found myself wishing to do actual physical harm to the DJ, and to the person who gave the girl the. I felt kind of sorry for her.

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There were a couple of innocuous ones - a woman who'd been waiting for something like 3hrs, and she'd phoned what she thought was her date'setc. I need to find some Marc Riley and the Creepers stuff now.

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Yeah, I got the point about his sidekickery but a cursory examination of Riley's pre-Radio 1 career would make it obvious that he is a hero. I'd take that over any amount of wacky japery and pish music on Radio 1 any day.

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I think you should cease to associate with them. My workmate was drafted in to reprise a message, but make it sound even more creepy and twatty.

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So do you reckon "Gavin Lloyd" is one of those vacuous nerks that Moyles employs as a Greek Chorus to pretend he's funny? That sounds awful, and confirms that I did the right thing by giving up on Radio 1 years ago. This is one of the things that made me give up on Radio 1. It is a success, it entertains and makes people happy Moyles at least superior to this Ferlangie character.

Radio 2 is not dribble!

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There was one classic one where they got a guy who'd pretended to be the lead singer of Maroon five, and the girl back together on live radio 1, and he had to answer 2 questions on Maroon Five to win her some great prize. Tim Westwood? Please either hereor if you are not registered, you may register here. So thats what that scene in Hollyoaks was about!

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