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Are you a magician? Because whenever I look at you, everyone else disappears! Are you a camera?

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A cheesy pick up line will break the ice. It will show you have a good sense of humor. It will make you look like a fun person to be around. Here are the best funny pick up lines to use on your crush:. They say Disneyland is the happiest place on earth.

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When Chandler is put on the spot, he typically reacts by spouting something nonsensical and often very humorous. Joey starts dating Kathy early on in season four, and Chandler begins to have feelings for her. Chandler Bing was no Joey Tribbiani, so let's take a look at some of his most hilariously bad pick-up lines. This sets Chandler off on a ram, in which he begins to act ridiculously, and although it's hilarious, this episode really speaks to just how deep-rooted Chandler's relationship issues were.

In the season three episode, "The One With The Dollhouse", Chandler finds himself in an unusual situation when it's revealed that Rachel's boss, Joanna, has feelings for him.

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In season three, Chandler infamously dates Janice and quickly becomes scared of the commitment that this relationship entails since he has a lifelong fear of commitment. He hesitantly approaches her, and in an attempt to have a conversation, says this, " Hi Ok, next word. When he turns down Jill Goodacre's offer of gum, Chandler immediately regrets it, and reiterates, saying, " gum would be perfection.

I'll give you a call. Savannah is an Ontario-based freelance writer, aspiring cartoonist, and amphibian enthusiast. After striking up a conversation with Rachel and listening to her complain about the possibility of not getting into college, Chandler says " Well, maybe you can get in on a beauty scholarship.

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In season three, one of the episodes that feature a hilarious flashback to the 80s, we see Ross making out with a classmate called Adrienne, which goes against the pact he had with Chandler. Too bad it doesn't work out. In a satisfying, adorable conclusion, the beloved Friends couple does end up together in this two-parter episode, but not before Chandler awkwardly flirts with Monica, saying things such as, " Well, I have kissed over four women.

Chandler hilariously responds, " Thanks, I grow it myself.

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To fill the tense silence, Kathy comments, " You have really great hair. The episode s are mainly about Ross tracking down Marcel, his pet monkey, but there is also some ature Chandler awkwardness thrown in. In a last-ditch effort to convince Janice not to leave him, Chandler yells out, " I'm hopeless and awkward and desperate for love! Rachel insists that he just tell Joanna that he doesn't want to see her, which he does, but immediately follows it up with " This was great.

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Sound good? Annoyed at discovering this and seeking revenge, Chandler decides to hit on Rachel as he knows Ross cares for her. It's hard to imagine anyone actually using these lines in real life, or at least using them successfully. He greets her with the line, "Excuse me, I seem to have dropped my ball" as if that will suddenly make her rip his clothes off.

It's Gaelic for "thy turkey is done. In season three, episode 14 titled " The One With Phoebe's Ex-Partner " Chandler is queuing for the men's restroom and is annoyed at the length of time the person is taking inside. I'm very happy we're going to have all the sex.

In season three, episode six titled "The One With the Flashback," we see that Chandler and Rachel encountered each other when she was engaged to Barry. Rather awkwardly, one of the seduction lines that Chandler chooses to use is, "Well, come here. This episode is unforgettable and hilarious for many reasons, namely Ross' incident with a rogue cat and a musical of sorts from the gang, but easily the most notable part of this episode was Chandler's predicament.

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Chandler is my name. After Joey encourages him to face his fear, Chandler goes to the other extreme and asks Janice to move in with him, who in turn, freaks out about this new stage of commitment. Chandler Bing remains a relatable icon in TV lore today, despite having appeared in a series that concluded in Time really had little effect on Chandler's infamous antics, jokes, and all-around awkwardness, as he is often considered one of the most timeless elements of friends.

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Chandler turns Kathy down, saying, " We swallow our feelings forever, even if it means we're unhappy forever. In the same episode in which Chandler meets, dates, and dumps Joanna, he also delivers this hilarious pick-up line of sorts.

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In season five, episode 14 we see Phoebe and Chandler trying to seduce each other in an attempt to see who will chicken out first and admit that Chandler is in a relationship with Monica. Rachel introduces Chandler to Joanna and on hearing his name, Joanna comments, " Bing - that's a great name ", to which Chandler responds, " Thanks. Savannah Di Leo Articles Published Savannah is an Ontario-based freelance writer, aspiring cartoonist, and amphibian enthusiast. She enjoys horror, Jane Austen, and the Moomins.

In the same episode with Aurora, Chandler decides to follow up on his awkward introduction by asking the beautiful woman out on a date. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram under the handle: herpfiction. In keeping with this character trait, his pick-up lines are often hilarious, or so awkward that they become funny. This hilarious episode sees both characters cranking up their flirting routines in an effort to break one another. He tries to hide this for a few episodes, but of course, ends up failing spectacularly.

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Of course, instead of confronting Joanna, Chandler attempts to simply and quietly remove himself from the situation. Maybe, but maybe not. Many fans identified with Chandler and that is still true to this day. Strangely, this tactic seems to work as Aurora calls him back and agrees to go on a date with him. Though we later find out that she has ulterior motives, Susie begins flirting with Chandler, and his first response is simply, "Do you know me, or are you just really good at this game?

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Updated May 31st, by Meg Pelliccio: When it comes to Friends, Chandler was undoubtedly the comedy king in pretty much everything he did, whether he meant to be funny or not. Is this pick-up line worth trying?

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As the occupant starts to emerge, Chandler irritatedly asks " Jeez man, did you fall Thinking on his feet, Chandler does his best to change the question into a pick-up line and stutters out, " So ah, did ya, did-did-did ya fall high? The hilarious part is that he quickly asks her, then thanks her and then makes his goodbyes in quick succession before trying to make his escape. Of course, this pick-up line is unsuccessful and just le to an awkward moment shortly afterward when Monica introduces him to Rachel. In the self-explanatory episode seven, "The One Where Chandler Crosses The Line", Chandler and Kathy get closer, causing Chandler to immediately regret his actions because he has betrayed his best friend.

With ten seasons to its name, Friends has plenty of cringe-worthy Chandler jokes for fans to enjoy, but his pick-up lines remain some of the funniest quotes out there.

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Chandler agrees to go out with her, but this soon backfires when he learns that Joanna is a "big, dull, dud! Chandler asks Kathy her name, and when she tells him, he asks, " Kathy with a C, or a K? Chandler and Kathy engage in some awkward banter while she cuts his hair.

There's nothing like representation for the underrepresented, and when Friends was airing, introverts weren't typically main characters, especially not on sitcoms. The play is predictably awful, but Chandler considers himself lucky as he ends up meeting a beautiful woman named Aurora. In this alternate universe episode, Monica and Chandler are not dating but appear to harbor secret feelings for each other.

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In an unforgettable two-parter season six episode titled "The One That Could Have Been", audiences get to see how different the beloved Friends ' gang's lives would be had a of things had been different at the beginning, such as Rachel never running out on Barry, Monica never losing weight, and Ross staying married to Carol. He handles being stranded in a blackout with a beautiful woman in a way that only Chandler would, by being awkward and quiet most of the night. Related Topics Lists friends.

Chandler overhears Rachel telling her friends that she needs one last fling with the first man she sees before she settles down with Barry and so Chandler, for some reason, thinks his best bet is to fling his snooker ball her way and swagger over. Share Share Tweet 0.

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We should do it again sometime! Arguably one of Chandler's most memorable and hilarious attempted pick-up lines was when he first met Kathy and began flirting with her before he knew that she was with Joey. Chandler was the source of many hilarious storylines on Friendsdue to his awkwardness, sarcasm, and notorious inability to flirt.