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He was remanded for eight days. Hickes announced that the union had recently extended its operations to the handling of eggs and dressed poultry. The colony, it will be remembered has since its arrival refused to take out naturalization papers and therefore not being Canadian citizens the members could not obtain any deed to the lands upon which they practically "squatted.

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Exports of coal from the Princeton fields also showed a considerable growth. The objects, concisely summed up fn tbe last paragraph of your address, have my full sympathy.

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The funeral of the late F. Lys took place yesterday. At the preliminary meeting last night temperance work in the province was reviewed by Mr. Cairns, Dr. Pigeon and Dr. Ernest Hall- ot Victoria, all noting progress. His body was found by ontario boy seeks fellow workman hanging on top of the cage at the foot level, but how the deceased, an experienced cage tender, came to fall down cannot be said, as there was no other employee on the level station at the time.

McKenna, whom Beresford practically chased out of office, was the man who gave us the Laurier navy. Murray, chief ant of the Westinghouse, Church Kerr Co. We will hav. The pocking of apples is of the utmost Importance and, naturally, in a new country like this a certain tirnje must elapse before the growers obtain a thorough understanding of the principles of apple packing. Rlblet yesterday. This is the line of his defence.

Snecial to The Daily News.

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In fact, i am confident that there will this year be an actual surplus of production over the local demand. Boyce was poisoned came to naught. This report will be printed and distributed throughout the United States. The municipal protests against the new rates have now received 4, atures. Has Canada reached the apogee of Its hour in regard to the command of the seas?

What we can do is to tell the British authorities that we are not prepared to enter into any blind agreement -with any organisation which is "absolutely useless," Why, seeing that the Laurier government was overthrown. The Increased price of silver is given as the reason for this metal being shipped from Trail smelter to the United States larder lake of wholly to China as hitherto.

Rlblet, consular agent, declares that the figures represent the greatest year of development that this portion of the Kootenays has seen.

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It Is also alleged that on the day of hit? Special to The Dally News. He contends It is -understood that the negotiations have gone so far that the property Is now practically his. The trial of Sneed will be d at 9 o'clock tomorrow morning when a second special venire of men will report.

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The Hazard threw out life buoys and launched boats in the event that any men should succeed in escaping, but none of them came to the surface. A grand ontario boy seeks Is trying to determine whether the liquor he drank was drugged. The new city council will be Inaugurated on Monday, Feb. Lavalle as mayor, and the whole 31 aldermen. In his address Mr. Cairns said that the ultimate purpose of the local option league was absolute prohibition through the use of local option and a beginning should be made by getting Vancouver and other cities to refuse to Increase the of exlstlig s.

I trust that the Canadian Defence league may long continue to benefit the young men of the Dominion of Canada. Only the administration of the system and the conduct of the employees ls to be touched upon, the committee having authority to consider the purchase of the system.

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That during tbe last seas ononly two carlo of apples have been Imported into Nelson is the statement made by Raymond T. Hickes, manager of the Kootenay Fruit Growers' union. During the year many new stopes on various levels were started and 3. Featured Collection. In view of the conditions ' found to exist Mayor Waugh and other members of the council voice the opinion larder lake the reations did not come too soon. The only one who has any right to demand an inquiry into the Beresford charges are the electors of the United Kingdom, our brothers and our equals theoretically, but onr masters in fact.

Before he died Throckmorton declared that he had been "doped. The deputation was headed by Lieut. City Commissioner Graves and Supt Brown of the electric light department have been working out the new system on paper and will Boon have it in shape for consideration by the council.

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Special to The Daily News. The gunboat was steaming at a fairly high rate of speed and when she struck the submarine her bows cut a big rent in the little vessel's side.

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Hickes declares that the progress made by the union during the past year has been most satisfactory. The bar at that station was found to be raised when the body was being brought up. Sanford also reed from the committee on future policy, being unable to accept the views of other members and not wishing to obstruct.

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His physicians declare his death resulted from alcoholic poisoning. Enquiry 1s being made as to his sanity and it is said he has spent some time In an asylum. Beside the regular crew of 10 men and a lieutenant who were on hoard the A-3, the admiralty states three other lieutenants were on tho vessel going through a course of instruction and were drowned when the submarine sank, making a total of 14 deaths.

The decrease in the exports was due entirely to the falling off of the ship- ontario boy seeks of metals from the Granby smelter, which was dosed down during a large part of the year owing to the strike in the Crows' Nest Pass coal fields. Torpedo practice had been ln progress for some time and submarine A-3 was practically submerged when she came into collision with the gunboat Hazard.

The reply of the duke was as follows: "I am glad to have this opportunity of meeting the representatives of the Canadian Defence league and to hear something of your association. Rib- let. Stefanich leaves a widow and five children.

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The deputation headed by Peter Veregin waited upon the minister of the interior and presented the claims of the intending emigrants from the province of Saskatchewan. Lys—Floral Tributes Deck Grave. White Rock had stopped men during the last few weeks, who were undoubtedly allied to the lI.

He appears to be a respectable young Englishman, who was led Into the game by reading s of hold-ups. Leslie Bealby at the warehouse here. BC Historical Newspapers. The establishment of the proposed federal department of health should be an aid to temperance and moral reform workers.

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The government packing demonstrations and schools have proved of the great- est vailne in this connection and, as I remarked before, a tremendous Improvement has been noted ontario boy seeks the past season. Then the new government could propose any measures ' It saw fit for the defense of the coun- trry. H it meets with the approval of the council ratepayers will be asked to authorize the expenditure of overSneed, accused of having murdered Capt. It is surmised the man must have alled the hoist man to lower the cage before he put the bar down and that when the cage went down he lost his balance and fell.

Throckmorton died last night from what ls said to be a mysterious illness.

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He has been teaching In a Bible class and singing in the choir of a local Methodist church. The support of - the duke was invited and very cordially given.

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Were heading for Vancouver to make trouble. Refworks. The Liquor act of was a step ln the right direction, said the speaker, but it might be wlBe to turn attention to lt with a view to Improving it still further.

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Rlblet Is preparing a comprehensive report, which will deal at considerable length with the progress made by the Various Industries of the district, for presentation at Washington. The pall bear- erB were W. Foster, W. Campion, P. Wilson, W. HouBton, W. Floral tributes were" sent by Mr. Miller, Mr. Ford, Mr. Martin, W. Foster and others, A short service waB held at St.

Saviour's church and another one at the graveside, conducted by Rev. Marie Bolllard, in a suit ontario boy seeks today against the city of Montreal for 10, alleges tbat her seven year old son, Ernest had lost the use of his left arm as a result of a vaccination performed upon his arm by one of the city doctors In accordance with the compul- aory vaccination law.

Blister Copper He List. The animal was shipped Into Nelson from up the lake, was taken charge of by the union here and sold to a Nelson butcher. Hamilton Merritt. C, Feb. The delegates heard addresses from President Cairns of Chilliwack and Rev. Spencer, the latter concluding his report by aBking to be relieved of the office of superintendent.