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Men know that beautiful women are the best people to have in the world. This is especially true for guys who like smoking hot Colombian females. Keep reading to find out the 10 best places to meet Colombia women in Medellin.

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In this article, you're going to learn everything you need to know about Colombia and Colombian women. The first thing I want to talk about is Colombia as a country.

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Then, we do it again the next night with all new ladies.

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Helps all the girls get a little time with all the guys and helps guys like me who struggles approaching women even in this type of situation get around to all the girls. I hope to meet you one day. If there is anything I can do to help other guys needing encouragement or whatever, please let me know because regardless of how this relationship ends up, I know that AFA has their act together and I would love to encourage anyone needing the experience of a lifetime, to come here, it is the neatest place. The only criticism that I have, is that at the social there were too many women and not enough time to meet them all.

Any woman that can care for kids the way she does and the love that those kids showed us when we were there proved to me that this is an organization worth supporting and I commend your research on finding them. I went on your Cartagena tour last year and even though I did not find that special someone I had such a fantastic time I decided to give it another chance and go to Medellin. I did not think it could have been possible that Medellin could have medellin colombia women dating better then Cartagena and was blown away. Immediately Juan wanted to know what he could do to help me.

I am currently trying to decide which one I want to see again and am making plans to go back in December. So John, Keep up the great job. The city and the country was unbelievable and the women very approachable and friendly. Thomas A. I would describe the socials as the ultimate speed dating experience.

Find true love with a beautiful, single colombian woman.

I have two things to describe this experience. And we never would have met without your agency. It was great! Greg S. I first met Juan as soon as I arrived at the hotel during your Medellin tour at the end of August. Juan also was ever present and ready to assist.

I met so many women I did not know what to do. Respectfully, Jim B. Ladies: I just wanted to say a big "thank you" for everything you have done for Diana and me. You really cannot overstate how wonderful this city is. Originally, I had thought I would just try this tour for a vacation and to check out if everything I heard about AFA and Medellin was true, I was amazed, actually, as how AFA understated how wonderful this this beautiful city is.

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These woman are definitely more attractive in person. Milena, Adrianna, Rownal, as well as the interpreters Rowan, and Diana, and the others, man, this has got to be the best group, that AFA has anyplace. John, I wanted to thank you for what you do. I want to wish you and your family a Happy Holiday Season.

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Thumbs up to Sandra the office manager, her assistant Juan and all the translators, especially Myriam. I really like the idea of there being the same of tables as guy. Each guy takes a table and about every 15 minutes Sandra rings a bell and the guys move to another table.


She was an extremely nice, professional and friendly woman and reflects very well on your agency. I met Nora during that tour and Nora and I will be getting married in a few weeks. I can not forget to mention how wonderful the staff at Medellin is Sandra, Mui Especial, she is the hardest worker, and absolutely sweet, wonderful and took care of everything including taking me on a personal shopping trip to the mall to buy gifts for Diana. I must tell you, she is beautiful, and really a neat lady, they hit it off pretty well.

This may work out after all. Mitchell C. The social was great. I did not meet one fantastic woman I met two. Of all the trips I have taken, I cannot think of one better. Terry B, Colorado. I am still in Medellin, this is my last day here.

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But there where many more people on the staff here. The girls far exceed the profiles. Although your company solved one problem in my life you ended up giving me another. I had already met a pretty cool girl, but she had to leave early, however, as I was leaving the social, everyone was walking out of the restaurant where the social was held and discussing where we were all going to go next for dancing; this is when Diana approached and, jokingly, gave me a hard time about not coming over to her table.

It was one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had and something I will remember forever. Thank you so much for recommending Medellin. We ended up at the disco together, and danced the entire time, then, we went out after that for some conversation and have been tied at the hip since then.

He spent many hours giving Nora English lessons and her English has improved greatly over the last 6 months. Many, many, many thanks.

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I am not sure how that well progress, She is so typical of the women here all over this city. Some of the others, did great too. What more could anyone ask for. All ladies are members of our service and are interviewed prior to attending. Please feel free to use me as a reference for your organization. I cannot give enough credit to you and your organization for what you do. Besides our social events, we also do unlimited personal introductions during your entire stay.

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Oh yes, no insects, none. The women are beautiful, the people are friendly, the weather perfect and the food is great. We had a wonderful weekend! Definitely the best of all I have been to. My only complaint was the tour needed to be much longer, so I could get to know all the ladies I was interested in.

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I would recommend her to anyone who needs an excellent translator. I was so touched by the situation that I went back after the tour was over to have a private conversion with " Mama Lou" and found her to be a true angel on earth. After two nights, I had 14 ladies that agreed to meet me.

There many interesting stories of Success in terms of finding someone special that came from this tour, but, MAN! I could go on for days about medellin colombia women dating the cool things we experienced on this trip, but, for one, I am certain you will receive many other letters from the other men, and second, I just don't think I could adequately express my real feelings about this city For me, the overweight, unconfident, pessimist, guy I met one of the sweetest ladies and she is beautiful; her name is Diana I've attached her photo We really have been tied at the hip since the first day The funny thing is, at the social, I never made it to her table, it just ran late and there were so many wonderful interesting woman to talk to.

Many of our clients will date two or three women a day and some will even date five a day. Diana is a wonderful, amazing woman and we are very much in love. With only 10 to 15 men on average, you will have more than a ratio, and that is just the first night. The location was excellent, Even though I chose to visit some of the neighboring cities and towns everything we needed was within walking distance from the hotel.

You folks are a top notched outfit. I just wanted you to know what a great employee she is for you and the countless hours she spends helping your clients. Something tells me you may have another picture on your wall of success stories in the near future.

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My translator Soraya was amazing. Your tour will include two fabulous parties with 50 to gorgeous Medellin women. Your staff Lorena and her team was fantastic. Catch you later. Just a few words to say hello. If things work out I will be sure to send you an invitation to the wedding.

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One of the coolest stories is about the Tour Client who met a woman from the hotel. I just did not have the time over the next 5 days to see them all. I have never received better service. Before Nora went for her interview in Bogota, Sandra spent her Saturday reviewing everything that would be needed for the interview. A special thank you to Vivian for her outstanding translation services. The ladies are every bit as beautiful, sincere, warm, and sweet as you've told us, and MORE!

I could not be happier that I did.

Thank you.

Our staff is well experienced and will make your stay the best it can be. As a typical New Yorker it takes a lot to humble me. Your trip to the orphanage did just that.