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Where training is considered essential, restrictions on group sizes or social distancing apply. Please be aware that these necessary restrictions may impact timeframes for the on boarding of new members. You may want to protect your families, your friends, your home and assets, your community, and your way of life.

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In the beginning, a group of citizens who recognized the need for a supplemental fire protection in Londonderry Township began meetings at the Middletown Angler and Hunters Club. This group first met on May 2nd, to discuss the feasibility of forming a volunteer fire company.

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Arthur Fishtine was that veteran. Butler had always wanted to bring his own grandfather down to see the WWII Memorial, but he passed away before Bo could complete the mission. The meal was capped off by a delicious piece of apple, pumpkin, or pecan pie topped with whipped cream. On December 11th at approximately pm I had a fire at my home with heavy smoke. We could hear bands playing music on the docks in the distance. We finished shooting and headed back to the serving line to capture these fine young adults and some local volunteer political types.

Then we went to Hudson for an ambulance and Litchfield for an engine to respond. Our 99 cent prints are professional printed photographic images. Days before the scheduled departure, Butler learned the veteran he would accompany, Robert Greenleaf, had cancelled.


They live in Natick, Mass. If my wife and I had been in bed sleeping, we would not be here writing this letter and my daughter coming home would have found the home well involved with us in it. The fire department is handling more simultaneous calls on a daily basis. Fishtine grabbed Butler by the arm, like old men do, and shared his story. I just wanted to bring to your attention why we support the hiring of four firefighters.

With the whole center smelling of fried turkey, the meal consisting of all your favorites; mash potatoes, stuffing, cranberries, gravy, green beans, corn, turkey and ham was served by members of the firefighters families, and friends to all of those in attendance. I feel as if I got more out of the trip than Arthur. If you can not start the show or would like a full screen version visit our Londonderry Hometown Online News Darkroom, click Turkey Day at meet londonderry firemen Seniors images.

Mike Gillespie and Sean Cardwell deliver plates of Thanksgiving dinner to some grateful guests. Many photos are also available as big as 30 by 40 inches. Many joked that the Town could turn the station into a parking garage with a canopy to the Senior Center.

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With cars parked up and down the road over seniors enjoyed the fixings. Delay in response happens multiple times due to cut backs and under-staffing. Browse the over happy seniors, enjoy them! Press the play button to start.

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After a prayer by Chet Ham the plates were served piled high with food. Tugboats tooted their horns and the fire boats sprayed water from the massive guns. I shut off the main power to the home and called Londonderry Fire Dispatch immediately. E-2 was able to locate the fire underneath the home and quickly extinguish the fire. So, I found the wind he had knocked out of me and told him when I realized that I was finally home. At first I did not think I had a situation as bad as it was with the initial call.

Division Chief Brian Johnson of fire prevention arrived in seconds.

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There was a certain point during the trip when Fishtine and Butler were alone and broke away from the crowd. View this slideshow of all the fun at the senior center in the annual event this year. With the new station to be build within the next year just around the corner. He called dispatch immediately and asked to fill out the building fire asment. For one firefighter to run the apparatus and only two to go into a smoke filled building needs to stop.

Butler is so committed to seeing veterans live their dream of seeing the WWII memorial.

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Arthur was born June 2, in Dorchester, Mass. We then stop into the kitchen before heading to the tables full of hungry seniors waiting for the meal. The home cannot be lived in at this time but repairs can be made. Family members of the LFD dish out Thanksgiving dinner then deliver it to the seniors seated at tables filling the senior center on Old Mammoth Road. I knew at the time Engine 1 and Medic 3 with 2 personnel because of the drop down after pm were on a medical call.

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The show starts outside beside the North Fire Station where the turkeys were prepared. The fire department needs the manpower to meet londonderry firemen the job effectively when they are first to arrive on scene and not have to make decisions to wait till more manpower arrives to save a life. As a member of an artillery group advancing against the Nazi army, Arthur withstood enemy attacks from the ground and from Luftwaffe bombs. What if it was there home? Upon his arrival I knew I had more than a slight smoke condition.

He met the Russians in Czechoslovakia when VE day arrived on May 8,and then saw firsthand the survivors of the concentration camps. My wife and I believe that residents that have had experienced, either medicals or fires would rather have their taxes raised in order to save a life.

To have a building fire and only one engine to arrive with only three firefighters on the engine is ridiculous. Even the pouring rain could not dampen the spirit of the festivities inside the Old Grange Hall. Moving through the hedgerows of France, he never knew if the enemy was only a few feet away. We will see what happens. We are very lucky to have such a trained department, but they are short staffed. It was very emotional. Patton and experienced some of the most dramatic moments of the war. Fishtine needed assistance getting up from his wheelchair. Well I have been involved with fire departments for 43 years and have never experienced a fire of my own.

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He collected himself, poised himself and squared off to Butler. Butler lifted him up and steadied him on his feet. The tables stretched from one end of the hall to the other.

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One topic of discussion was parking might be easier next year with the possibility of the old North Station being de-commissioned for the new state-of-the-art facility. Some candid shots of the servers round it out so be sure to enjoy the entire show! Everything happens for a reason, he continued. It will be very different when that building is no longer part of the viewshed of North Londonderry.

A million dollars could never replace a life. I felt protected. We could hear people cheering. The seniors are treated to first class service as they wait at their tables and are served by the men and woman of LFD and their families.

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Traditional Thanksgiving fare prepared by the firefighters included deep fried turkey. I felt his admiration for me and love for his country. After the war he traveled around Europe and then returned to the U. On the trip down to D. While the Statue faded from view, Fishtine told Butler about a memory of a gift from France that to this day, still makes him pause mid-sentence, he collected his thoughts and kept his tears in check.

I watched your town council meeting of December 22, The subject was for four 4 additional firefighters to be hired. We all had tears in our eyes. My wife meet londonderry firemen working 2nd shift that week and I was watching TV at the time of the fire. View this video and share with a friend, there are many touching parts that can not be published in this story.

Through his hug, I could feel his thanks.

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I spent one day, one short day with a hero and member of the greatest generation that our world has ever known or seen. After pm one evening we had a propane odor in the building at Vista Ridge Dr. Our run cards call for Derry fire for an engine and Windham fire for an ambulance and neither could respond.

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Butler had believed that this day was all about Arthur. The town spends millions of dollars on equipment but we do not have the manpower to get the equipment to the scene.