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In the City Council authorized a Facade and age Improvement Program aimed at addressing ongoing concerns with the physical appearance of the downtown and commercial areas. The program was established using Community and Development Block Grant income to provide matching grants to business and property owners that wish to renovate, enhance, and improve highly visible buildings along core commercial corridors throughout the City. Unfortunately, funding for this program is limited and not all eligible proposals are guaranteed funding. Projects will be evaluated competitively by the Community and Economic Development staff based on the following criteria:.

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I love this work. Add Listing Share. Whether it's for an aging parent, or preparing to put their home on the market, our team can complete an estate sale start to finish, including cleaning the home in 30 days! Most importantly, begin the rest of your life now. This service has given our clients peace of mind and removing the stress and overwhelm that can come with clearing out a home.

I realize that in life, things tend to build up and sometimes get overwhelming. As owner of Life Planned and Organized, LLC, I provide virtual consulting and services regarding your life information that is customized for you to achieve maximum productivity and experience anxiety relief.

Facade and improvement program

She helps them make peace with the past, enjoy the now and maintain for the future. I use all green cleaning supplies to make the new space sparkle, then I haul away unwanted things to the YWCA women's shelter, the Salvation Army, recycling or garbage. Do you have a room that drains your energy? Add Listing. I can teach you and help you learn the skills to get rid of some of the clutter or overabundance in your life, such as clothing, collectables, housewares, furniture etc You also will be excited to realize that you can gain from letting go of these items and your living space will be less overwhelming.

You will be able to get rid of the excess and put some money into your pocket as well. I also take most unwanted hazardous waste items. We are here to help. A new addition to our services is Estate Sale Management. She is a professional organizer and c ertified clutter clearing coach working in the profession for the past four years. So let's partner together to give you back your fun!

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Jacqueline is our newest team member at Blue Nest Home, but she comes with lots of experience! We are non-judgmental; please do not feel embarrassed to ask for help. I am non judgmental, professional and easy to work with.

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At Uncluttered our goal is to make your home or office as efficient as possible, transforming your space into a calm, relaxing and productive environment. We will transform your space and streamline your environment to bring order and efficiency to your daily life. We love that Margaret has a way with unique furniture finds, she always seems to know exactly what the item is! I've had clients lose weight, find more meaningful jobs and start successful businesses after we clear ed space in their homes, offices and art studios. I am a Professional Organizer with over 26 years experience clearing out clutter from homes, home offices and businesses.

Margaret says "Why I love what I do: Seeing the relief sweep across a clients face at project complete, knowing you have helped them to achieve the lifestyle the dreamed about, free of things that got in their way.

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We can help you achieve the organized space you have always dreamed of. We work with each client to ensure that they don't have to lift a finger, including dropping off donations at a charity of your choosing. In addition to our standard organizing services, owner Sheila Perreault, specializes in helping clients organize living spaces and kitchens for those with severe allergies.

S ometimes it helps to realize that you have some power over this. Connect with Kim at www.

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There is a solution! Jacqueline remembers loving to organize far back to her youth. I also know that for some people, it is hard to let go of things in their home and it makes it even more complicated.

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Working for Blue Nest changed my life. I know I love coming home to a clean house. Sifting through years of personal items can be taxing and overwhelming; you do not have to handle it alone. I look at this process akin to peeling layers of an opinion.

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Assist in downsizing. She loves to clean, organize and meet new people! We will teach you the techniques and give you the tools to maintain the peaceful and beautiful environment we helped to create. Are you surrounded and overwhelmed by clutter in your home? An organized home or office can renew your spirit, clear your mind, and save you valuable time each day. I am a retired RN and Professional Organizer, and bring my assessment, compassion, and organizational skills to use in your situation. Above all, I love the peaceful look on clients' faces when we look at their newly organized space.

Visit my website for before and after photos. We help you de-junk, de-clutter, set up systems that work for you. You can find Margaret leading our team in various areas, including our Estate Sale Managment or helping our Homekeepers. Have you lost a precious item or important do cument inside your own home? Call or e-mail for a free consultation and we'll see if I'm the right match for you. Do you have to sort through piles to find what you are looking for? We help you get "unstuck", train you in folding and storage techniques and help you hone your decision-making so that your space represents your ideal lifestyle, who you are and what you love.

Our homes are to be a place of refuge, creativity and com fort.

Gay dating sequim wa

It should reflect our priorities and support our goals. Living mindfully today, we can plan and prepare to be organized tomorrow. Call us today at or find us online at www. She met Sheila at a job fair and she was sold!

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Are you feeling overwhelmed and want to simplify your life, but you just don't know where or how to start? I'd love to help you make time for what matters most and establish a lasting solution.

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We also work with senior clients and their families in downsizing and preparing for a move. She will teach you how to maintain a healthy, allergen friendly environment for the health of yourself and your loved ones. We also offer real estate services, including consultation on staging, estate clearing services, residential moving services, senior downsizing and relocation services.

Contact Clutter Controllers to schedule a complimentary consult. At Uncluttered, we provide compassionate, hands-on help and creative solutions to organize all areas of your home, office and life.

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I have a "come as you are" approach, that is compassionate, professional, confidential and enthusiastic. We are professional organize rs who work with your individual needs to provide the best in quality organizing services. Perhaps you just moved into your home or have been there awhile and need help getting the most out of your space.

Then you've come to the right place. Have you gone through a recent transition phase had a baby or downsized or are preparing for one?

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Are your closets overflowing? The mission of "Everything Has A Home", is to share what I've learned about getting and staying organized, in a way that is positive, non-judgmental, and hands-on. Trained as a Business and Well Being coach, I bring my expertise to address personal, specific needs through innovative solutions and actions.

She says "I think the most rewarding thing for me is knowing I did my best and made someone happy. She worked in the retail business for 33 yrs, and had become burned out. Call or Welcome to Blue Nest Home!

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Whether its drawers, closets, rooms or an entire house, I can support you to recl aim your personal and business space by assisting you to release the items that no longer serve you. My clients bring me back repeatedly over the course of time as they learn to and become comfortable with, letting go.

Professional organizers in port angeles, washington (clallam county)

Decluttering physical space clears mental and emotional space, which allows room for goals, dreams and desires to become reality. I offer residential organizing services for every room in your home.

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I am an ebay or on-line selling professional. With a plan and system in place, done wit h you or entirely done for you, your information can be custom organized to meet your needs and mindfully planned for you to live your best life. I will gently guide you in your timing and honor the pace at which is right for you.

Uncluttered can help you with any organizational challenge by providing creative, individualized solutions to help you get and stay organized. I look forward to partnering with you along your journey of planning and organizing your life information. Do you have a hard time finding items when you need them?