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Having navigated my fair share of cheesy pick-up lines and bad dates, I know from experience that online dating can be just as complicated as dating IRL.

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Learning how to be more mysterious will make you far more attractive, interesting and intriguing to people you want to date. The desire to unwrap who you are like a gift is undeniable. It heightens the experience and the emotions involved in dating, especially during the early stages of attraction. Not knowing what he or she is doing makes you think about that person, fantasize and draw up ideas of who they truly are in different situations. Let your prospective lover unwrap you slowly over time like a gift. Also, people tend to overshare ridiculous things on social networks.

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I mean, imho, the authentic way of dealing with a situation like this — stay busy! I really appreciated this comment, Rochelle. You made all that up. All it really takes is for you to relax more into who you are.

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The reason an authentic person who is a leader IS mysterious is because of many things. A sense of mystery makes all of us want more and inspires us to invest deeper. Anyone who is authentic, confident, real, rare, has self-respect and tends to be unique is mysterious naturally.

It makes us excited in anticipation of more. We are all different in many ways, and it is always good to keep that way rather than get lost from what other people think we should be. I am naturally athletically gifted and enjoy engaging in sports and working out.

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Sorry Larry, but are we reading the same article here? And these energies are meant to feed one another. In my experience … ». Keep mystery dating tips the great work in helping all women get an edge on these guys out there. If your man has hard times, he may need stability, understanding and helping hand for a while. I know women taking up golf competitively for example, in order to connect with their man and be more accepted. There is a good way to unite with him! A positive end of a magnet will never attract a positive end of another magnet and vice versa.

And all that other … ». You can be mysterious simply by embodying your true self. Also, think of it in the reverse. Men seem to be hunters. Do something you love that keeps you happy like hobbies. If he gets back on his feet, go on playing and make the life interesting for both of you:. But one reason is because they have something which everybody wants — their own unique direction and identity. There has to be a few to connect to each other. I found this interesting, and started thinking about it.

Taking good note I am hmm hmm!!

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This means that their world is not the same as your world as a feminine woman! When you are authentic, your leadership qualities come out, and this leadership quality translates to you being high value as a woman. Feminine women understand men, but relating to them is a different thing. For a long term, most of them are only attracted if you are never entirely caught.

The fact that this type of attention seeking is transparent automatically leaves little mystery to us as women if we act that way.

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We want more of it, and seeing somebody else with it tends to make us want it more and bring out more of it within ourselves. The more different we are from our partner, the more the differences between their sexual energies.

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I usually let the man reach out to me, but I would feel it is massively rude for me to ignore him or make him wait long for a response — do I need to be harder to contact for him to want and chase me? This was an excellent read. I know when I was at University, there was a guy in our lecture who was really quite physically unappealing. That something was a quiet, self-assured, unshakable self-confidence and masculine pride.

Both partners should have their own interests that come from their true self.

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Thank you so much for sharing your insights. The feeling of self-confidence is not easy to come by.

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Pleaser women, women who seek approval a lot, are not comfortable or strong enough to live life on their terms and to be a mystery. I just want to tell you this: We all have something extraordinary inside of us. Is your man serious about committing to you?

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While most of your site discusses having and attracting an Alpha male this particular post seems to suggest a manipulative type of behavior. To think I thought building trust was about being an open book!! Well, one reason is because they are unapologetically themselves. This is all so true… If you get very predictable for men, their passion is going to fade away soon, even if they still love you.

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Being mysterious can attract your man to you, but this is only one of the many things. I enjoy my femininity and have no problem cultivating that mystique and allure despite being sports oriented, and I definitely want to share these activities with my man. Something like going barefoot in nature, nurturing animals or young children, going shopping, having a picnic, having your girlfriends over, and basically just doing the things that girls do.

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Not to compete, but to share and feel closer. Our peers say a lot about us. Authenticity is power. To relate means that you are ed with him.

Find great resources and learn how to love better.

I hope that all made sense. Men need a partner in life, its better that a woman is a friend who he can discuss his male issues too for support and understanding. Understanding means that you can appreciate, accept, distinguish and comprehend. But due to the loss of polarity and differences, you will lose that sense of mystery! They just are. A masculine man will find a feminine woman mysterious and fascinating just because she is her true feminine self. Hey Larry! It is absolutely possible for a woman to be fully authentic in her love … ».

Strategies can be used in combination with this natural tendency, and there will be a huge spark! I greatly value consistency, reliability, and predictability in a woman or anyone, really. Read my article on why pleaser women always lose out.

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Together with her husband D. Although I have not read any other articles I will do so right now because I genuinely believe that you want to share the value that a man is looking for. Thank you so much for this great info. That you unite with him in the less preferable way! I do not think Renee meant that a women should have no interests that a man would share.

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Thank you for posting it. Yes, men have feminine energy too.

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Everything is there for all to see. Being mysterious is important but being too mysterious is a problem trust issues! These ideas were emphasized a million times in the article. An article by my man. Best of luck. When you are able to access the natural feminine part of you that is by default mysterious to men, then men will want to invest more in you and who you are.

If you want to be supported by a warm community of high value feminine women, then our Facebook Group. If anything, the central ideas are to be authentic and confident, exactly the opposite of what you just described. However, the women who are not mysterious are the ones who need approval from other people.

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Yes, men will chase them, but they will chase them for easy sex, not because they want to love them and protect them forever. Most people will tend to blend in and try to fit in in order to gain acceptance, to conform, and to be safe. Because a person who is reassured and confident is amazing to be around!

However, intentionally taking up his interests is disingenuous and not high value behavior. I think is totally OK to have at least one common hobby. If you are authentic, you are mysterious anyway. Everyone is born unique. Have you ever noticed that couples who have been together for a long time start to look alike?