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A divorced man, a widowed woman. Until an encounter on a long-distance flight with an enchanting woman leaves him rethinking his empty bed.

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A comprehensive, stepped approach to psychosexual therapy is offered, demonstrating how to tackle blocks to sex and intimacy as well as providing an This highly practical manual is an indispensable guide to the nature and causes of the six Author: Raymond C. The valuable ideas expressed by the contributors to this book are aimed at increasing About the Author Dr Pamela

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Even with Ari, whom he clearly loved with everything in him, he held something back. Now, Bella and I are so pleased to bring you their story. Nerdy teenager turned hunky engineer Finn Rafferty has come a long way since high school. Entry deadline is May Ready for One Crazy Fling? She longed for him to relax and laugh with her the way he did with them. With a little bit of magic and some meddling from their friends, this marriage will be anything but convenient.

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Gideon hid all his emotions behind a wall no one could scale. Rosie supposed that because their mom had been an addict, Gideon had grown up fast, taking care of the two of them. What could be more perfect than one crazy fling with a handsome Frenchman? The print copies have the wonderful Berkley covers from the original books!

So be sure to our newsletter for the scoop on how to enter to win Unlaced and Laced with Desire! As he handed each boy a cube of bread, Gideon gently encouraged the boys, showing them how to stretch out one hand with the bread in the center of the palm. A divorced man, a widowed woman. Rosie Diaz pulled herself out of the foster care system and made a great life for herself while raising Jorge, the son she adores. Captivate Me!

For some reason, I always knew Rosie was meant for Gideon. Especially on such a beautiful day when true love was all that mattered. Gosh, I love weddings! Rosie longed for him to be this way all the time, not just with the boys. Her son was the light of her life, an amazing little human being.

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In the same way that Ari and Chi had taught her the loyalty and goodness of friends, the Mavericks had taught her the goodness of men. After the worst marriage ever, another marriage can only be one of convenience, no emotional attachment involved. Passionate kisses break all the rules and exquisite pleasures tempt Lia to sacrifice everything.

Did he think she was pretty? View more on Jasmine Haynes's website ». Now that spells chaos! I wanted to give you a second chance romance about a couple who have high school history. And Poppy wants one thing: a new mom. Just like he doesn't deserve Rosie Diaz—an amazing mother…and an utterly captivating woman that he can't stop dreaming about.

These two have the old covers, but they are the same fun read! When he was with the boys, he became the funny, amazing, big brother Ari had always talked about. Only with Noah and Jorge did Gideon seem to be his true self.

Devoted father Theo Swann will do anything for his daughter. Rosie longed for him to look at her, really look at her, to see what was on the inside. She and Ari and Chi had raised Jorge to be the confident, outgoing, loving boy he was. Entry deadline is Aug This contest is an exclusive perk for newsletter subscribers.

Matt, Ari, herself…and especially Gideon. So be sure to our newsletter for the scoop on how to enter to win! Rosie believed the three of them would be best friends forever and ever. And maybe Rebecca will get her comeuppance! But what if it destroys everything Finn and Lia are trying to build? Crazy for Baby is here!

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But, just as with every time before, when he caught her eyes on him, his immediate withdrawal was like a physical punch. Rosie and Ari were sisters of the heart—along with their friend Chi, who had also been a part of the foster care system. Rosie, as maid of honor, would need to get herself ready soon, but there had been so many last-minute things to check on. By then, finding Ari while stationed in the Middle East had been impossible.

The girls are in France to pick up a hen for a lovelorn peacock living in the Hideaway Creek Cemetery, and to celebrate their upcoming weddings, which are all to take place on the same day. The fact that he was a billionaire—along with his four best friends, the Mavericks—was irrelevant.

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The problem was always getting Gideon to admit it, too. There was so much love among them all, it made Rosie gooey on the inside. No one ever used the word stepson.

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Get Crazy for Baby! Did she make his heart race the way he always sent hers into overdrive? She loved Chi for her strength. Only one thing is missing—a good man, one she can respect and love with her whole heart. Entry date is Oct Or Neal and Rebecca?

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He made her warm all over. We can only hope!!

Three brides, three grooms, and Grandma Blue! Plus you get free books just for ing! Until she meets the man who could cost her everything. Rosie and Gideon were currently in charge of Noah while Ari was getting ready in the bridal tent. Pick up your copy of Captivating in Love today! Have more fun with Matt and Ari and Noah! Gideon Jones came back from war a changed man. Up next, let's do autographed copies of Castle Inc Series. Then he urged Noah forward, his nephew all big eyes and wonder as the peacock grabbed the bread out of his hand too.

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They were both so attentive, while their bodies quivered with the attempt to stay still long enough for the peacock to feel safe eating from their hands. So how could she regret anything?

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You all might remember that at the end of You Make Me Crazy the girls are planning a trip to France to bring home a peahen for Henri the lovelorn peacock of the Hideaway Creek Cemetery. If only they could all have happy endings. Motherhood was never for BeeBee until she met Poppy. The smile died on his lips, his blue eyes turned into dark, fathomless pools, even his body seemed to grow rigid. She loved Ari for her eternal optimism and her loyalty to her brother.

Read an excerpt on the website, and one-click your copy today!

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But when mother and son are threatened, Gideon will stop at nothing to protect them. And he wants his second chance. He wants the girl who got away all those years ago. Fortunately, the caterers are great. Not that he seemed to have even the slightest clue what he did to her—or any woman, for that matter. The nerd meets his dream girl. The truth is supposed to set you free. BeeBee Barton is the only unattached member of the wedding entourage, and Grandma Blue decides to do a little matchmaking for her with the sexy Frenchman who almost runs BeeBee down with his tractor.

The kind of man to whom Rosie could so easily lose her heart. He made her aware of every beat of her heart. He made her want to trust a man again.

April 24,

Gideon was so patient with the boys, never yelling, never snapping. The book now has a fabulous new cover! And now they discover each other again thirty years later. Get set for the next Mystery of Love! She wanted everything to be absolutely perfect. Until an encounter on a long-distance flight with an enchanting woman leaves him rethinking his empty bed. He could see right into you with those eyes.

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Jump over to the website to check out an excerpt of Chapter One! Up next, how about autographed copies of Open Invitation and Laced with Desire! Rosie had met them when her parents died in her early teens.