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By Joseph Menn. National Security Agency is rebuffing efforts by a leading Congressional critic to determine whether it is continuing to place so-called back doors into commercial technology products, in a controversial practice that critics say damages both U.

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E ven though we know governments do all kinds of things I was shocked by the information about the US surveillance operation, Prism. To me, it's abusively using government powers to interfere in individuals' privacy.

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NSA Spying.

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In Smith v. Currently, EFF is representing victims of the illegal surveillance program in Jewel v.

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NSAa lawsuit filed in September seeking to stop the warrantless wiretapping and hold the government and government officials behind the program able. In Julya federal judge ruled that the government could not rely on the controversial "state secrets" privilege to block our challenge to the constitutionality of the program. Follow EFF: twitter facebook instagram youtube flicker rss.

All of these surveillance activities are in violation of the privacy safeguards established by Congress and the US Constitution.

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This case is being heard in conjunction with Shubert v. In earlyEFF obtained whistleblower evidence.

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Since this was first reported on by the press and discovered by the public in lateEFF has been at the forefront of the effort to stop it and bring government surveillance programs back within the law and the Constitution. Protect digital privacy and free expression.

Obamawe are arguing the program violated her Fourth Amendment rights by collecting a wealth of detail about her familial, political, professional, religious and intimate associations.

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Below is a message from whistleblower Edward Snowden. EFF's public interest legal work, activism, and software development preserve fundamental rights. First Unitarian v. Press Press Contact. Electronic Frontier Foundation.

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In Junethe media, led by the Guardian and Washington Post started publishing a series of articles, along with full government documents, that have confirmed much of what was reported in and and then some. The reports showed-and the government later admitted—that the government is mass collecting phone metadata of all US customers under the guise of the Patriot Act.

Moreover, the media reports confirm that the government is collecting and analyzing the content of communications of foreigners talking to persons inside the United States, as well as collecting much more, without a probable cause warrant.

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Those news reports, combined with a USA Today story in May and the statements of several members of Congress, revealed that the NSA is also receiving wholesale copies of American's telephone and other communications records. Smith v. Jewel v. In addition to making the same arguments we made in Jewelwe argue in First Unitarian that this type of collection violates the First Amendment right to association.

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Secret government documents, published by the media inconfirm the NSA obtains full copies of everything that is carried along major domestic fiber optic cable networks. Klein first revealed in EFF is fighting these illegal activities in the courts. Hepting v.

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The Director of National Intelligence has since confirmed that the collection of Verizon call records is part of a broader program. Obamawhich raises similar claims. ly, in Hepting v. EFF is grateful to Ed for his support in HOPE is a diverse hacker event that has drawn thousands of tinkerers, security researchers, activists, artists, and makers since In a departure from the infamous EFF Lists.