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How much time you spend together when you first start dating is a hot topic of debate in my friendship group.

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Two days earlier, a short-term boyfriend an ex I tried dating for the third time had dumped me. I had only gone back to this ex repeatedly because I knew him well and felt comfortable around him. It had been easier for me to rely on a safe bet than to manage the risk of meeting new people. In fact, once I mapped out my dating history, I realized I could count my intentional, mutually agreed-upon dates on one hand. So I decided to go in the opposite direction of my strictly monogamous past: to go out on as many Tinder dates as possible. Only dates; nothing more.

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Founded in by Eric T. Peterson, author of "Web Analytics Demystified", the company provides strategic guidance and tactical support to many of the best known companies in the world. Happy date converting! And, all of the examples here are included in this downloadable spreheet. Sometimes, I work with that data at a daily level, but, often, I want to roll the data up by week, by month, or by some other time period.

In this case, I use MOD. Well, Excel dates are, under the hood, just s. So, if we wanted to convert a date to be the Saturday at the end of the bi-week period, it would be one of these two formulas depending on which Saturday is the cutoff and which is the mid-period point :.

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Originally written by Analytics Demystified on January 15, This formula actually makes the value the weekday. But, we need to look at the day of the month and check if it is less than Monthly is almost as common, if not moreso, than weekly.

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But, what if we want to use the last day of the month? For instance, a lot of companies pay their employees every two weeks.

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The example I started this post with is converting each day to be the day that ends the week or the day that starts the week. Sometimes again, company pay periods are a good examplerather than using a bi-weekly calendar, you want to use a bi-monthly calendar — every date from the 1st through the 14th should be converted to the first day of the month, and every day from the 15th through the end of the month should be coded as the 15th.

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Curse you, Gregorian calendar!!! As an interesting aside, it would be understandable if this formula broke for the month of December. If you wanted to use the start of the period, with the week starting on Sunday, then it would be one of these two formulas:. How do you like them apples?! Analytics Demystified are recognized across the globe for our expertise and commitment to the digital analytics community. Because the last day of the month is always the day before the first day of the next month.

This approach works for a of different ways you might need to roll up daily data, so I thought a post that walks through some of the more common ones and the formula to carry out each conversion was in order.

Determination of the day of the week

If you do that, the display of the data will be as a weekday, but the underlying value will still be the actual date. By adding this column, I can create a pivot table that can easily generate weekly data for whatever metrics are in the spreheet. For more information about how we can help transform your use of digital analytics please contact analyticsdemystified.

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But, what if you actually want the day of the week in plain English? Hopefully, the different approaches I described will trigger an idea or two for your specific situation. Depending on what your needs are, one approach or the other will make more sense.

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Make sense? Sometimes, a company operates on a bi-weekly cycle in some ways. To convert to the first day of the month is a straightforward use of the DATE function.

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The easiest way to understand how this works out is to write out or put in Excel a series of dates and then write the s 1 through 7 as you go down the dates.