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Reasons to date a canadian girl, Francais chica looking up reasons to date a canadian girl to dances

Hot Canadian women… considering the fact that everyone is talking about Canada being one of the coldest countries in the world, the mere suggestion that beautiful Canadian women can be hot seems a bit ridiculous.

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However, either thanks to the multiculturalism or to something else, your possibilities to date a scorching Canadian woman are fairly high.

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Probably a good.

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If so, oh baby. We keep our igloos warmed at a comfortable degrees and our timbits are hand-delivered by Mounties every morning.

Dating a canadian woman

Are you a non-Canadian dating a Canadian? Do you ironically drink PBR? Have you entered a Coors Light challenge?

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But before you progress, I just need you to quickly forget everything that you know about dating. At the end of the day, you have two choices in love — one is to accept someone just as they are and the other is to walk away. Leafs fans are loyal, albeit kind of dumb.

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Have you ever won roll up the rim? In some countries beards are a fashion statement.

20 things you should know before dating a canadian

Any Canuck could tell you that. They get turned on by some weird stuff.

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We take advantage of every day of good weather we get — and the bad days are not off-limits either. I mean, breaking up with someone is just so rude. No self-respecting Canadian wastes money on dressing impractically.

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They reject you super politely. Men with thick beards are simply pragmatic. Follow Thought Catalog.

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More From Thought Catalog. They dress for practicality. Most importantly — does your family have a cottage anywhere close to Muskoka? First of all, let me applaud your good taste. Here are a few things you should know about dating in our home and native land.

Are you looking for hot dates in your neighbourhood?

You're in! See you Friday.

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Get our newsletter every Friday! Primary dating season for Canadians occurs between the months of October — May Eager daters start scouting their options in September.

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Canucks fans are rowdy. Canadians are used to things going wrong. Just stick with us. Did you and your date show up wearing the same North Face jacket?

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Like that time in third grade when nobody could go to school for a week because it was negative forty degrees out. It never lasts, but we always make the attempt.

12 reasons you should date a canadian

Because we do. Do you have an American Netflix ?

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We know our beers and our beers know their drinkers. They judge you by your beer preferences. Canadians fans are old school. You may unsubscribe at any time.