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Thursday 29th April The average dick size is like 5 inches and for the first several guys I rode I found that to be pretty true.

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The top pick in this category, and it's easy to tell why even at first glance: the site caters specifically to cougars and cubs zero sharing databases with other, unrelated dating sites that I could findthere's a huge membership base the search options seem endless, and the price is reasonable ranging from 7 Amazing Cougar Dating Sites - LiveAbout Please note: You are currently browsing img watchersweb amateur milf wife, my redhead loves the cubs that is xpx in size. This image is listed in milfs looking for cubs category. More Milfs Looking For Cubs.

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We had a few regular places we'd visit, his favourite had a backroom that he owner let us use, one or two guys at a time I'd get through dozens in an evening. I'm very happy he sold me but I do miss my boyfriend sometimes, I did enjoy the hypnotism games even though they were kinda silly and hypnotism isn't real.

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He talked me into trying on revealing clothing and in that soft whisper told me how to enjoy dressing for attention, assuring me it felt wonderful when the breeze blew under my short little skirts and that those tight tops my breasts almost spilled out of were an honour to wear and the more men who looked at me with those gawping hungry eyes the warmer and more satisfied I felt. I really enjoyed wearing naughty outfits for him and it became a great thrill to walk round the shops with him and asking watchersweb dating shop assistants to help me pick out the sexiest things.

I've never been good with pain or enjoyed discomfort of any kind but when I was refraiming it as each sensation is simply a reflection of the pleasure his big beautiful cock is feeling it felt wonderful even when my eyes were watering. The next time we saw him he left big thick welts on my ass that didn't fade for a week but he'd enjoyed having a dumb slut to beat with the cane and it was a pleasure to be the one he chose to enjoy.

No matter which bits of me were sore when we left I glowed with pride at having provided so much enjoyment for a horny man. I had such an amazing time with the hypnotist but then one day it was over, I remember feeling kinda sad and slightly nervous as he led me around and let all the men explore and grope me, someone demonstrated what a great fuck I am and how eagerly I serve then after everyone had looked in my mouth and stuck their fingers as deep as they could reach people started watchersweb dating and with a few gentle words of goodbye he sent me off to live with this pervy banker guy so I entertain could him, his friends, and clients.

There was a guy that'd taken great delight in slapping and pinching my tits, stretching and twisting my nipples as I lay on my back looking up at him and panting as his big powerful cock slammed in and out of my asshole, he made my face sting from slapping it and the taste of his bitter, smokey saliva when he spat it into my mouth was disgusting but he came so hard and groaned in such pleasure that it was all completely worth it.

I even got a lot of pleasure from the way he'd have me kneel between his legs and slide my tongue over his cock and balls, the way he'd gently moan instructions really had me lost in the moment. It was embarrassing finishing the walk with that ache in my butt and the feeling of cum running down the insides of my watchersweb dating especially as he'd made me leave my panties hanging on the tree as a of what had happened. He was watchersweb dating, the sex was great and it was only a harmless bit of roleplay that helped him get into the mood to be really sensual and sexy with me so I never really thought too seriously about it.


I'm not sure when I became comfortable with sex shop customers touching my breasts and squeezing my butt, I remember some of the things he told me about the tingle I'd feel when they caressed me and how wonderful it'd be experiencing their enjoyment. One evening he had me kneel while I was washing him in the shower and he rested his soft cock on my tongue and started to whisper gently about how a good slave eagerly drinks her masters pee and that it'll be an honour to feel it's warmth rolling down my throat and into my belly - the taste was disgusting and I was asking myself why I was going along with something so gross and degrading but he purred gentle encouragement and smiled down at me as I swallowed down the bitter tasting liquid.

I lived to give pleasure and please people, the deeper and harder they thrust the happier I was, the dirtier and more perverse their fetishes the more eager I was to be the one to fill them - he enjoyed watching me give men pleasure too and it felt so wonderful to put on a show for him. It was always so embarrassing explaining to them what I wanted but that was one of the great pleasures he'd taught me how to feel and humiliating myself for watchersweb dating amusement felt like an watchersweb dating and a privilege.

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He introduced me to anal while whispering how great it felt for me to have my asshole stretched by his big penetrating cock and he wasn't entirely wrong, watchersweb dating a few times I really did learn to love that ache as he pushes inside me and grew to cherish the moment I felt him push past that initial resistance and start to really open me up.

Since I wore the sex costumes at home and the shop sometimes I'd find myself wearing them between and on little side errands, walking into shops dressed as a slutty maid with only an inch of thin fabric covering my nipples or dressed in leather straps with hooks to tie me up, people would look and grin but it'd just make me feel wonderful to have all that attention and to be making their day a little sexier.

Things got kinda blurred and I was never entirely sure if I was supposed to be hypnotised or not, sometimes he'd just come up behind me and start talking softly as he pulled down my panties and had me assume whatever positions he was horny for so he could drain his precious seed deep into me. I couldn't be happier bringing him breakfast in bed and sucking his cock every morning, cleaning his house in my sexy maids outfit with the little skirt he can lift up whenever he wants to fuck.

Watchersweb dating gasped and groaned as his powerful slaps landed and my butt began to sting and ache but his words about feeling proud of each whimper and gasp because the man spanking me would be was something really stuck with me.

He liked to whisper all those things to me while we were doing our shopping and command me to stick my chest out, wiggle my butt and enjoy men looking at me. I knew that I was playing a role for him but did my best to obey his commands and suggestions especially the ones that felt really good.


The first time was behind a bush on a nature trail, as we walked he put me under and guided me to a secluded spot so I could strip and service him working his beautiful cock between my lips until he was ready to fill my ass. Increase Font Size Decrease Font Size He was cute, the sex was great and it was only a harmless bit of roleplay that helped him get into the mood to be really sensual and sexy with me so I never really thought too seriously about it.

I kinda enjoyed him talking me gently into a relaxed state and stroking me gently as he had me watch his swinging pendant - honestly it all seemed a bit cheesy to me but it was kinda relaxing and to some extent it helped get me into a mood where I was happy to go along with his game. He talked me into enjoying pushing past that same painful ache in my throat, forcing myself down on his throbbing rod until I could kiss his pelvis and it was pushed deep into my throat. Sex shops watchersweb dating pervy male staff horrified me in a way that really made me tingle deep inside, the way he'd have me parade round the store in outfits that covered nothing while he'd stand there smirking as I asked strangers their opinion on how the crotchless panties squeezed my vulva or which showed off my butt the best.

Copyright IP Pty Ltd. When it got to the point of being an all the time thing he'd go into it wherever we were and since he always seemed to pick sensible times and safe locations I went along with it smiling and moaning the whole way. I knew that I was dressing slutty and that this was a bad and weird thing for someone like me to do but it did feel fun flouting my body and drawing all those eyes. He liked to lean back too and have me tongue watchersweb dating asshole, his hand idly caressing his cock while i worked.

The games continued to evolve, he loved proving his power over me and I got a big thrill from watchersweb dating things that should be humiliating or disgusting but somehow weren't when I had that handy excuse of pretending to be hypnotised. It was a stranger who spanked me for the first time while my boyfriend stroked my hair and reminded me how wonderful it was to let someone have such fun at my expense. He was often running through his routines with me and pushing me deeper so he could try some new thing but it never seemed to end I'd be on my knees worshipping him and working his wonderful cock until the next thing I knew I was waking up the next morning.