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Harbor porpoises are really unique in that they wait for the female to come to the surface of the water to take a breath and then they leap out of the water and try to hook her with their penises.

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Is it learning? Or shallow ones? Or will there be these spirals?

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There could be many functions of sex. We found a way to inflate them so they would be the most close mimic of what a real intromission would look like.

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Is it establishing dominance? They have sex all year round even when they can only conceive for certain periods of the year.

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By Charles Piller Apr. By Dennis Normile Apr. By Dyna Rochmyaningsih Apr. By Sofia Moutinho Apr. By Sofia Moutinho Mar. All rights Reserved. A: Yeah.

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Or will there be deep folds? Got a tip? Is it going to be relatively simple? Is it play?

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By looking at how the genitals align, we can now say certain body positions are more likely to lead to successful fertilization than others, which might be for purposes other than reproducing. Some species, like dusky dolphins, copulate belly to belly. Is it working out hierarchies?

Bottlenose Dolphin Tursiops truncatus swimming in Hawaii. The bottlenose dolphin's vagina, seen here in gray, contains a of intricate folds and flaps which the male's penis red must navigate if he is to deposit his sperm as close to the egg as possible.

Bottle nose dolphins seem to make a T-formation, where the male crosses the female exactly at her midline.

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How to contact the news team. A: We used pressurized saline, so essentially we had a nitrogen tank and we filtered the air under pressure into a smaller keg—like a beer keg—which was full of saline, and then pumped that into the penis. It seems like the sky is the limit.

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A: This is what the whole purpose of the research is to understand. A: I think the best thing is how exciting it is.

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We do this by looking at tissue samples from animals that died of natural causes. Big-name scientists surprised to find themselves on journal board By Dennis Normile Apr. Get your coronavirus test, the party: Experimental mass events in the Netherlands draw fire By Jop de Vrieze Apr. Tropical forest destruction increases, despite the pandemic By Sofia Moutinho Mar.

Pesticide-blocking gene transferred from plants to animals By Sofia Moutinho Mar. Scientists have been underestimating the power of tornadoes By Sofia Moutinho Mar. We use whole penises and whole vaginas. A: Copulation is the most direct possible interaction between males and females, but we know so little about it largely due to the physical challenges of studying it, especially with underwater creatures. Science Insider.