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Low libido is the most common sexual problem experienced by women. In fact every woman will experience low sexual desire at some time in her life, either in the short term after the birth of a baby, during a stressful life period, when her relationship is rocky or in the long term.

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Mica Lemiski Updated March 20, I kissed his cheek. Propping myself up on my elbow, I smiled like a girl holding a platter of wings in a Super Bowl ad. Let the man chase! Shame also plays a role.

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While Alex and Allie are thrilled with the threesome, Charlie struggles with the idea of sharing Allie, and with his newfound feelings for his best friend.


Allie and Alex want each other— and Charlie. But instead of taking her home, Ryan intends to teach her a lesson—and immediately commands her to strip.

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But does Charlie want Alex? Like what you see? A hot encounter at the office—with Alex bent over his desk—only confuses Charlie further. Stunned, Ginny obeys, and embarks on a night unlike any other.

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Two sexy workplace stories, one low price! Sugar and Spice. After Alex confesses to Allie that he wants both her and his best friend, Charlie, in his bed, Allie skips town like a thief in the night.

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Charlie wants Allie. Stay up-to-date on all things Mari.

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Everything Nice. After hiding from Ryan the rest of the weekend—resulting in delicious punishment in his office on Monday—Ginny discovers emotions in their lifelong friendship that may have been there all along.

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Amazon iBooks Kobo Nook Google. Sneaking off to explore, Ginny is busted by Ryan in the Voyeur Room. They are also available for individual sale, according to your preference.

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Now, six years later, Allie is back in their lives, all grown up and more alluring than ever.